FINDINGS | 15 Rivington Street | New York City

15 Rivington

“Findings,” Resurrect Studio’s latest exhibition, features Victorian-era landfill glass sculptures by artists Jean Davis and Nancy Wu. Located at 15 Rivington on the Lower East Side, NYC, the exhibition will run from June 5 to June 30, 2024, with an opening event on Friday, June 14 from 6-9 PM. During the opening, a short film will be presented by Zachary Finkelstein.

The award-winning Brooklyn-based duo behind Resurrect Studio is celebrated internationally for their innovative approach to upcycled glass. Their work challenges our perceptions of waste and sustainability. In resurrecting these forgotten and abandoned glass fragments they highlight themes of resilience, faith, revival, and redemption.

Curated by Amy Matteson Neill of Art Fluent, “Findings” showcases the transformative journey of discarded glass that links the past histories of the material and the present configuration of each artwork. How has the garbage of one generation become the gemstones of another? What will our children be mining?

Amy Matteson Neill notes, “When Jean and Nancy first began collecting glass, it was just a pastime. The artistic journey that followed has been richer than anyone could have anticipated, unveiling profound insights about finding the transcendent in the every day.” For more details about visiting the exhibition and upcoming events, please visit Resurrect Studio’s website.

15 Rivington Street
Lower East Side
New York, NY

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