Zheng Liu

Red Balloon: Howling Monkeys, digital drawing

Red Balloon

In the exquisite black and white drawings, the red of the balloon stands out as a trademark of the “Red Balloon” series. Bright and always rising, the balloon is confronting, at the same time balancing the darkness and depression of the surroundings. Although Kuang Chu doesn’t like a single and concrete interpretation of an artwork, one would not be wrong in saying that the red balloon is a symbol of hope, or a materialization of high spirit.

The main driving force of Kuang Chu’s art comes from the marvelous feelings that arise in solitude, and the most important theme is the much-needed self-awareness and courage in the face of a complex and turbulent world, while some of his works also deal with topics such as intimacy and politics.

In terms of style, the most distinctive feature is the drawing techniques derivated from old European engraving works, which conjure the spirit of Renaissance and Age of Discovery–the curiosity toward the vast unknown in the world.