Petra Seiz

Emersion Nr.1, oil on canvas


Our time today is characterized by fears and worries. Triggered by pandemic, climate change and wars, but also due to everyday duties and expectations of others and fears of the future, many have the urge to escape these anxieties, to hide or simply to submerge.

With my works I want to visualize the withdrawal from society into self-isolation and being alone from different perspectives
and thus provoke different feelings with the viewer.The connecting element of water, based on the meaning of purification derived from Christian art, has the significance of shedding and freeing oneself from the burdens of the soul.

SHALLOW is a collection of photographs where the viewer only recognizes the silhouette of the person who has gone into hiding. The color red is understood here as a signal color. It tells the observer not to approach and to keep physically and mentally his distance.

The artworks of SPIRIT OF EPHEMERALITY radiate the calm and peacefulness one hopes to find in self-isolation. Silence makes you reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and motivations, and let you gain new strength. At eye level with the submerged person the viewer adopts the same perspective: he is tangibly close and can empathize with the other’s emotional state. Time seems to stand still in the weightlessness of the water as an expression of carelessness and light-heartedness.

The return to reality is inescapable and my collection of oil paintings EMERSION depict this action: the emergence as a sign of a new beginning. Mirroring and reflections in the paintings are a symbol of self-reflection in seclusion. The dominant colors of the works are blue-green and red. In color psychology, blue-green controls and heals emotions and creates emotional balance. It inspires our spirit and alleviates feelings of loneliness. Red, on the other hand, stands for powerful energy, self-confidence and assertiveness. In this context it conveys a new beginning after spiritual healing.