Sebastian Sandu

You and Me, oil on board


Unmistakably, we become a mix of global cultures and DNA information that will preserve and pass-along our individuality, due to a visibly narrow human typology range and in spite of the multiple combinations out there. We should understand, now more than ever, that humankind is homogeneous and round, but at the same time individuals remain unique as a result of their family journey and heritage. What we thought we know about race so far, is being addressed more and more as "HUMAN RACE" and skin color will no longer be used as a differentiator by society.

My portraits invite the viewers to a holistic perspective of our society, but they are also offering a narrative meant to portray individuals of mixed ethnicity and multiple points of view. By celebrating diversity, I’m showing previously unseen details of our society, which suggest that we can function as ONE perfectly healthy organism, regardless of appearance, visual differences, gender identity, race or beliefs.