The Burning Question Answered...How Do I Price My Art?!?

This is the dilemma that plagues artists everywhere. Our guidebook addresses this challenge by giving you the knowledge and confidence to set prices for your art smartly and fairly.

It’s filled with insights, tips, and practical strategies suitable for artists at any career stage. This guide teaches you about pricing techniques and helps you understand the value of your art, thereby boosting your credibility and presence in the market and confidence behind your word!

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how do i price my art?

Master the Art of Pricing: Dive deep into the world of art pricing. Learn to balance creativity with commercial savvy. Our guide takes you through a journey of understanding your art's true worth.

Research-Driven Strategies: We emphasize the power of research. Understand the market, know your competitors, and discover your unique value. This guide teaches you how to price your art not just competitively, but also intelligently.

Pricing Formulas Unveiled: Say goodbye to guesswork. Our guide introduces you to various pricing formulas, helping you find the one that best fits your art and market.

Transparency in Pricing: Learn why being open about your prices can benefit you in the long run. We discuss the importance of price transparency and how it builds trust with your audience.

Grouping: Discover how to create effective price groupings that appeal to a broader audience.

Donations: We explore the nuances of handling donations and how they can contribute to your art career.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Our guide explores various avenues for generating income, ensuring a more stable and prosperous artistic career.

This guide includes an Artwork Commission Agreement template, a worksheet to break down all four pricing methods so you can walk away with your own custom pricing formula, and a worksheet on Ways to Respond If Someone Thinks Your Prices Are Too High.

This 25-page PDF digital document is designed to guide you through your artistic journey. Whether on your screen or in hard copy- read it, print it out, bind it, laminate it, and keep it on your desk for easy access at all times.

Please note that due to the digital nature of this PDF/printable guide we cannot process returns or refunds. If you have any questions prior to ordering, feel free to send us an email.

Point of Sale digital download