Best of Show- Shame

How do we define ourselves amidst a rapidly changing world? Our identities constantly evolve, influenced by our experiences, relationships, and surroundings. INNER SENSE explores our past, present, and the emotions … Keep Reading


CREATIVE LICENSE is a captivating journey through artworks that embrace bold choices, unconventional materials, and artists’ greatest hits. Each stroke, click, weave, and carving exudes artistic freedom and confidence. Celebrating … Keep Reading


Beauty in the ordinary, in the stillness. Art is about capturing those moments that are gone again in a flash, moments that we find when we slow down. A fresh … Keep Reading


ConTEXT II seamlessly demonstrates the harmonious integration of text and art. When integrated into a piece of artwork, text carries substantial weight and impact, infusing it with greater depth, significance, … Keep Reading


Animals have been depicted in art for thousands of years, representing a wide range of symbolism, from grace and speed to strength and nobility to transformation and freedom. But we … Keep Reading


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Just like traveling, WANDERLUST brings us a transformative and enriching experience. It’s a powerful way to open the heart, cleanse the mind and heal the soul. Art helps us to … Keep Reading

Seeing RED

Behold the power of red. After black and white, red is the first color that humans perceive. It’s the color babies see before any other and the first that those … Keep Reading


The power of art is healing. This theory rests upon the fact that art connects with emotion. It’s an energy. The mood in a piece can connect the viewer in … Keep Reading


Unity in art allows us to communicate our thoughts using a common visual language using standard elements- color, line, shape, form, and texture. Artists use it to visually tie together … Keep Reading


Amore, love. Where there is love, there is life. Love embodies a wide range of emotional and mental states. It is all-encompassing and is the heartbeat of the human race. … Keep Reading


A certain courage is exposed when life is expressed in such a blistered tone. Each piece in WABI-SABI breathes an experience that we have not quite seen collectively before. Vulnerability … Keep Reading


A certain poetry exists within the moments of refuge, a confusing place where we have experienced absence in a whole new way. This profound moment in our lives has brought … Keep Reading


Movement is a vital principle of art because it helps to tell a story and pull a piece together. Our focus becomes guided within the composition, giving the artwork character … Keep Reading


​ELEMENTS: EARTH, AIR, FIRE & WATER is here to celebrate and reflect on earth, air, fire, and water in all their forms. The fragile ecosystem of our planet is in … Keep Reading


There are times when it feels like we are at a crossroads where ethical questions take center stage throughout humanity. And lately, we have been faced with addressing cultural, social, … Keep Reading


The figure can offer us insight into the range and complexity of our human emotions. Whether at our most beautiful and strong or in our most raw form with scars … Keep Reading