Traci O'Dwyer, tea bags, beloved book pages, sheet remnants, white upstring

A certain poetry exists within the moments of refuge, a confusing place where we have experienced absence in a whole new way. This profound moment in our lives has brought … Keep Reading


Nancy Honaker, colored pencil

Movement is a vital principle of art because it helps to tell a story and pull a piece together. Our focus becomes guided within the composition, giving the artwork character … Keep Reading


Susan Makov, oil on canvas

​ELEMENTS: EARTH, AIR, FIRE & WATER is here to celebrate and reflect on earth, air, fire, and water in all their forms. The fragile ecosystem of our planet is in … Keep Reading


Tom Hessel, silverpoint drawing

There are times when it feels like we are at a crossroads where ethical questions take center stage throughout humanity. And lately, we have been faced with addressing cultural, social, … Keep Reading


Joer B., ballpoint pen

The figure can offer us insight into the range and complexity of our human emotions. Whether at our most beautiful and strong or in our most raw form with scars … Keep Reading


Dave Manousos, acrylic on canvas

Who doesn’t love blue? TRUE BLUE is a dynamic display of how blue works its magic, vibrance, and timelessness. Our AF gallery is wrapped up with all blue’s meanings and … Keep Reading


Gary Aagaard, oil on canvas

Character is the name of the game for this exhibit. WHATEVS is a vibrant collection of work bursting with personality. Taking us on a journey through our psyche, reflecting on … Keep Reading


Kendra Achenbach-Warner, ballpoint pen

INTO THE WILD is a view of the animal kingdom in all its majesty and a fierce display of nature’s day-to-day survival. When we think we can relate to what … Keep Reading


Paul Gravett, photography

ABSTRACTED is a powerful exhibit that jumps at you from the get-go! This show bursts with loud, powerful, bold pieces filled with electric energy coming at us in full force! … Keep Reading


Liz Nicklus, mixed

We are analyzing connections now more than ever, our connection to one another, nature, our country, and humanity. The human experience carries an authentic universality that connects us all. These … Keep Reading


Tobin Schmuck, oil on linen

LUMIÈRE is a collection displaying the integral role that light can play in a work of art. We were delighted to see and feel light as the main character through the … Keep Reading


Kathy Spoering, handwoven tapestry

The use of text and language elevates a work of art to become a visual code. A layer of mystery is added, and as humans, we begin to decode what … Keep Reading


Roman Tybinko, vitreous enamels on industrial glass

Our planet formed over 4.5 billion years ago. Oceans and land were born, and the atmosphere began to take shape. Humanity stepped in, and our presence became widely evident. Our … Keep Reading


Karisa Keasey, watercolor on paper

The enduring feminine spirit is diverse, ever-changing, a mystery, and beautiful all wrapped up into one. As far as art can remember, we have been drawn to the female archetype … Keep Reading


Winnie van der Rijn, fabric created from soluble material and then dissolved

Here we stand at the intersection of art and politics, surrounded by challenges of injustice, inequities, neglect, movements, protest, and so much more. We take a stand on issues that … Keep Reading


Clea Carlsen, stoneware, underglaze, mason stain, mixed materials

IDENTITY is a display of aspects that usually remain hidden—a bittersweet and raw take on what churns inside us. We all have a certain idea of who we are through … Keep Reading


The artist’s muse is one of the most romanticized figures in art history. From lovers to spouses to friends inspiration comes from many different individuals, maybe something different for you. … Keep Reading